Since April 1967, Community Synagogue of Monsey has been privileged to have had Rabbi Moshe Dovid Tendler, PhD as our mara d’asra. Along with his beloved rebbetzin, Sifra a”h, Rabbi Tendler guided the shul and the community, engaging in countless acts of chesed to help both congregants and others within and beyond the Monsey community. 

In addition to his tireless devotion to Community Synagogue, Rabbi Tendler was instrumental in developing Monsey into the major center of Torah and Jewish life it is today. Guiding what was for years the largest Orthodox shul in Rockland County, Rabbi Tendler erected Monsey’s first eruv, served as chaplain for the local fire department and as a board member of both the Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education and Good Samaritan Hospital.

Rabbi Tendler has also served the broader Jewish world in a number of capacities. A renowned gadol, Rabbi Tendler is a posek to whom other rabbonim frequently turn for guidance in complex issues of halacha. A long-time rosh yeshiva in RIETS at Yeshiva University, Rabbi Tendler has educated hundreds of rabbonim who branched out to spread torah in communities across the United States, Israel and beyond.

In addition to his impact on the Torah world, Rabbi Tendler is also respected throughout the scientific domain as a scholar who has made important contributions to the field of biology, and is a leading authority in the field of bioethics, particularly in the area of medical ethics and halacha.

In recognition of his 50 years of service to our shul and the broader community, we are planning a dinner of tribute to Rabbi Tendler (Sunday evening, November 5, 2017). In addition to the tribute dinner, Community Synagogue will be assuming the sponsorship of the Annual Conference of the Yeshiva University Student Medical Ethics Society, a widely recognized forum for the discussion of Jewish medical values. Beginning with the next event, which is scheduled for December 10, 2017, the conference will bear the name of Rav Tendler.


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